You cherish your Christian faith and you long to make BETTER food choices but... don't know where to START (and you're afraid of failing, again).

Discover how to put your FAITH into your FOOD! 

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30-Day ebook and
Chew the Word
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If you believe that the Word of God is powerful

...but you haven't experienced the divine health and food freedom you KNOW God has for you...

It is time to Chew the Word!

Chew the Word is an interactive 30-Day scripture study that will take you from reader to doer.

Not only in life but in health and fitness.

You'll never be the same! 

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"Through the "Chew the Word," I've been able to change my way of eating and lose about 25 lbs. God is healing me and setting me free. He's not done with me-- He's the one I need to depend on fully. I cannot wait to see where He's taking me as I journey along with Him." -Pam 

"When I started this study [6 weeks ago] I would have never have thought I would have been able to make the changes that I have made and experience so much peace in my eating habits. I feel like I have been rescued from a pit! " -Participant 

"The "Chew The Word" study has been simple and powerful for me. In just one month, I've been able to shift my mindset and have a healthier approach toward food...and myself. Who knew that the Bible offered so much wisdom for this part of my life?!" -Lisa

As you unpack what the scripture has for you, you will:

... begin to make changes in your diet without feeling deprived, as you follow God's gentle leading. 

... find the confidence to try again even if you failed in the past (because this time is different). 

... find your own food truth as you follow the 5-question reflection process. 

... use the very thing that has troubled you to draw you closer than ever to God (you'll finally understand why you have struggled all these years!).

Reading Bible about faith-filled diets

Get this life-changing, 30-Day ebook and
Chew the Word for ONLY $7! 

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for "Chew the Word". I am learning so much about myself and I'm focusing on God's promises. I am behind on my reading but I refuse to quit just because I wasn't perfect." -Shari 

"I loved this study. I have read several books on eating God’s way and always get something out of them, but I felt so much more connection during this study. Brandice was very active in our group and the feedback was awesome. I’m sad it is over!" -Gina

"I loved how this study got to the heart of the issue. It’s not an eating issue-- it’s a faith issue!! I’m walking away with the encouragement that it’s not something I have to do alone...God wants to be part of every aspect of my life!"- Marianne